Meet Meran!!

Hello lovely ladies!

I’m Meran and I am a Junior in high school. A few of my favorite things consist of baking, flowers, and dancing. A dream of mine has been to one day open up my own bakery, and then I thought why not start working towards that goal now?! So last June I decided to start a bakery business out of my home! I run it thorough Instagram as brittibeesbakery. Another love of mine is flowers! I have always loved working with flowers whether arranging a bouquet at home to making tradition leis in Hawaii. I was looking for a good internship where I would learn and grow under an established business mansion/woman. I decided upon asking Danielle if I could possibly maybe be able to intern under her. Good news, she said yes ; )

Which leaves us here...Great Aunts, Grandmas, Moms. Sister-in-laws, aunts, sisters, cousins, nieces, friends, besties! We would be so honored to be able to host you at our Galantine Galore! So come on stop on by to crown yourself with FLOWERS. 

xoxoxo Meran

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