Meet Gabriella!!

Hi everyone!

My name is Gabriella, I’m a freshman in high school, and I’m so excited to be helping out with the galentines workshop! (Which you should totally go get tickets for ;)

Here’s some facts about me, in my free time I love playing with flowers, hiking, hanging at the beach or making jewelry. I have loved nature all my life but it all started with my first backpacking trip in 6th grade, seeing how beautiful our world was made me want to venture so much more! After seeing the beautiful creations God has made, my love for flowers started to grow even more! I spent many summer days creating bouquets and flower crowns! Doing this sparks so much joy in me, so I think y’all will have a blast too! I’m so honored and happy that I was able to be apart of this opportunity to create a memorable time for your besties, fellowship, and family! And to get to know Meran, Kathryn and Danielle even more!

So grab all your gal pals and come support our galentines workshop! 

With love 


Meet Meran!!

Hello lovely ladies!

I’m Meran and I am a Junior in high school. A few of my favorite things consist of baking, flowers, and dancing. A dream of mine has been to one day open up my own bakery, and then I thought why not start working towards that goal now?! So last June I decided to start a bakery business out of my home! I run it thorough Instagram as brittibeesbakery. Another love of mine is flowers! I have always loved working with flowers whether arranging a bouquet at home to making tradition leis in Hawaii. I was looking for a good internship where I would learn and grow under an established business mansion/woman. I decided upon asking Danielle if I could possibly maybe be able to intern under her. Good news, she said yes ; )

Which leaves us here...Great Aunts, Grandmas, Moms. Sister-in-laws, aunts, sisters, cousins, nieces, friends, besties! We would be so honored to be able to host you at our Galantine Galore! So come on stop on by to crown yourself with FLOWERS. 

xoxoxo Meran

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