A Night Designed to Inspire!

How do you showcase all of the elements that make up DK Design? Well, you get innovative!


Step 1: Build the Stage
Take a beautiful outside destination and put your design stamp on it …. decorative pillows, throws, table and floral arrangements with Eucalyptus that’s dripping from everything.

Step 2: Set the Mood
Lots of lighting, cool DJ, and bring in local wine, beer and incredibly beautiful & delicious bites for the guests to enjoy. 


Step 3: Inspire
Time for guest to dive in and experience the art exhibit that feels like your dream closet and check out story boards of beautiful spaces with lots of texture in an outside living space you never want to leave!                                          


What a dream come true to build a business around all the things I love to do. It was such a pleasure to create a space that involved all the elements that I do for my clients. Weather you wear it, live in it or just want to own it style and design are part of everyday life. The evening was not only to introduce DK Design but it was an evening set out to INSPIRE!!