Danielle Kendall’s style and design addiction started as a young girl, influenced and raised by her artistic grandmother.  Her home was filled with sewing machines in her workspace (the garage) and fabric galore.  There was always a project or idea in some creative phase.  It set the stage early on for Danielle’s love affair with creating.

By 15, Danielle was selling accessories and designing looks on the weekends with silk scarves and a sketchpad.  With a degree in Business and Fashion Merchandising out of PLNU and an additional degree from the Interior Design Institute, Danielle solidified her sophisticated design aesthetic and gained an understanding of space planning and renovation, while gaining real world practice with internships and jobs in retail and merchandising throughout school.  Then, after so many years styling and working in the clothing world, Danielle transitioned into cosmetics! Under the training of New York based artist Trish McEvoy, Danielle spent years traveling and educating women on make up application, color, and beauty.  Eventually, Danielle set out on her own, freelancing in the industry. 

With a flower farmer for a husband, flowers quickly became part of Danielle’s life too.  Marketing for the growing family business and learning the techniques of floral design were very natural to Danielle, and ultimately this and all of her previous experiences led to the beginning of Danielle Kendall Design. 

From the crossover of color and design in cosmetics to clothing styling to interiors, there are never enough opportunities to create! Danielle Kendall Design simplifies the design world in all aspects of your life.  Whether this happens on a large scale (a whole new look for you or your home) or a taste for new inspiration, it is Danielle Kendall's pleasure to create for you!